• 1C: ERP


Keep your business thriving!

ERP - enterprise resource planning system, specifically built for larger organizations is a powerful, cost-effective solution for those who want to keep their business thriving. Manage and constantly improve your operations, keep a close eye on the business processes and receive detailed, shaped information to make faster and smarter decisions.

1C: ERP gives you access to all the opportunities ERP systems can provide. The cases of dozens of big Georgian enterprises already running on 1C: ERP for years, enables us to constantly upgrade our solution and make it perfectly fit to market needs.

1C: ERP lets you control full range of specific operations and get combined financial, operational, and strategic insight:

  • Sales and Marketing: supporting sales process by all the possible paying methods including loyalty cards, bonus points and etc. integrated interface with touch screen, as well as programmable keyboard using bar code scanner or “hot keys” function. Setting automatic discounts, managing generated points on loyalty cards, postponing receipts temporarily, registering  sales on corporate clients using cashier interface, automatic uploading of the waybills on tax portal (RS.GE) etc. Along with mentioned functionality, detailed sales analysis and flexible loyalty system enables planning appropriate marketing activities.
  • Production: calculating primal costs according to direct and overhead costs, allocating indirect costs according to various criteria, analyzing primal costs, automating long term production process and various other tools to effectively plan and control production process through all the cycles.
  • Wholesale and Distribution: registering orders, analyzing and monitoring their completion, supporting selling process by different paying methods even within the same operation, controlling overdue debts and producing black list along with setting restrictions on them, managing distribution process, supporting sales representatives with mobile equipment and offering full automation of their operations.
  • Financial Management and accounting: modifiable chart of accounts, generating unlimited amount of reports in different currencies, providing all kinds of financial indexes, setting and controlling budgets, registering long-term assets according to IFRS and etc.
  • WMS: determining and monitoring delivery dates, prices and payment terms, controlling contract expiry dates, allocating costs on purchased goods, assigning bar codes to inventory, placing automated purchase orders considering current stock volumes, setting minimal stock levels and generating informative reports to make proper decisions.
  • HR & Payroll: forming personal planning and controlling recruiting activities according to it, establishing absence leave timetables and analyzing actual leaves, forming decrees, monitoring working hours and calculating salaries according to the actual working hours, performance or other criteria.
  • Procurement /Supply chain: automatically placing purchase orders with suppliers and controlling their completion, defining paying conditions and forming payment calendar, automatically filling procurement documents according to received waybills, controlling compliance of procurement documents existing in the program and received waybills on RS.GE, calculating retro bonuses in supplier’s standpoint and much more.  All these and other functionality allows not only controlling procurement operations but also picking the optimal suppliers.
  • CRM - creating the full database of stakeholders, establishing milestones in customer relationships (meetings, calls, etc.), registering actual sales in the standpoint of commercial proposals, recording customer complaints and controlling feedbacks, planning actions and setting reminders.

In what ways does ERP system help you?

  • It makes reporting easier and more customizable
  • It reduces manual work at all levels
  • Collecting data becomes simple since all information is now located in a single section
  • It helps you understand your workforce in a better manner - from analyzing individual performance across different business sites to visualizing the overall performance of an entire operational zone
  • It makes providing high-quality customer service easier - sales and customer service people can interact with customers better through faster, more accurate access to customer information and history.

The opportunity to integrate your ERP software with BI (Business Intelligence) system lets you see and shape your data from every angle you could ever need.

Do you still think ERP software is a luxury? You might be surprised how much inefficient processes are costing you. If your employees are using outside systems and manually copy data from one system to another, or using spreadsheets to manage day-to-day activities, you could be losing hundreds of productive hours every month while increasing the chance of costly mistakes.

Our goal is not just implementing another ERP project. We aim to make your business efficient.